Terms and Conditions

Real Madrid Foundation Technification School Singapore

Business Terms and Conditions


1 - Our Training Services

Quarterly term system

Our training programmes are organised by semesters, in addition to a summer term. When you sign up for training with us, we are committed to providing your child with football training during the sessions specified upon sign-up for the entire duration of the period.


We are unable to accommodate a pay-as-you-play approach for our kids/youth training sessions because our coaches need to know which players will be attending each training session ahead of time so that they can plan each session accordingly. We also need to ensure that every player is guaranteed a space at their selected training session each week and that training sessions do not become overcrowded. As we place significant importance in the cultivating of each player’s social skills and character, this practice also ensures that we can allow each players to build and foster relationships with their teammates through regular interaction for their individual and collective benefit.

For the same reasons, we cannot accommodate players who do not adhere to their requested sessions and choose to attend whichever training session is more convenient for them that week. Please refer to Paragraph 4 for our make up policy.

Changes to weekly session(s)

Changes or deviations to the weekly training plan that your child is on can be catered for in the following circumstances: (a)  on your request, but only before the start of a new term or package, and provided that there is space available for your child at the training session you wish to change to; or (b) on our Technical Director’s suggestion and subject to consultation with you and obtaining your agreement to such change, at any point during the training term, on the grounds of there being a training session better suited for your child’s development.

Personal accident insurance

All enrolled players of the Technical Academy who have duly paid their term fees will be covered by a personal accident medical insurance, which aim is to defray the medical costs incurred in the event that any injury results from a training incident. The sum insured for medical claims is S$7,500 for each player (with a deductible of S$100 for each and every claim).

Changes in training venue

The Technification School is always looking to provide you the best training service possible, and this extends to the facilities that we train at. As the availability of training facilities is limited in Singapore, a change in our training venue may be required for various reasons.

Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. The Technification School has a Privacy Policy in place that outlines our practices regarding handling personal information that you may provide to us. The Privacy Policy is subject to these Business Terms and Conditions. Please refer to our website for the Privacy Policy in full. By participating in any of our training activities, you expressly consent to the information handling practices described in our Privacy Policy. Please note that this policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that the Technical Academy does not own or control.

2 - Pricing

Term pricing

Training fees are payable in respect of the entire term. Save for the first term fees of a new player who joins the Technification School after the start of an ongoing term, we will not be able to accommodate pro-ration of training fees on account of insufficient attendance in the upcoming term.

Registration Fees

A registration fee is payable for each newly-registered player. This registration fee will cover the cost of personal accident insurance coverage of each player at our training sessions, as well as one (1) set of Real Madrid Foundation training jersey. Only one (1) set of training jersey will be issued to each new player. The design of the training jersey will be that which is available to players at the point of the player’s enrollment. Additional jerseys may be purchased from the Technical Academy for a fee


3 - Payment and refunds

Training fees will be billed to you as they fall due via an invoice delivered via email to the email address provided by you on your child’s registration form. In the event that payment is not made by the due date, late payment administrative fee of $15 will apply. We reserve the right to suspend the affected player from participating in training pending full payment of fees. All payments are to be made online and via Credit/Debit card only. Save in the case of accidental overpayment or in such other circumstance that we expressly provide a refund for, we will not entertain any requests for refunds.

We will use the payment information provided by you for your future transactions when the purchase has been previously authorized by you

4 - Attendance

For the sake of your child’s development and to ensure that your child’s progress is in step with that of his/her teammates, your child should attend every weekly training session that has been arranged for your child in each term. In the event that your child misses training, we can arrange for a make up training session within 2 weeks if your child’s absence is due to the following reason(s) only:

(a) medical reasons – an applicable doctor’s note or medical certificate will need to be furnished to us at info@frmsingapore.com as soon as it is available;

(b) bad weather – if at least a substantial part of the training session that your child is scheduled to attend is cancelled by the Technification School at its sole discretion because of bad weather (lightning risk or severe haze);

Nevertheless, we do recognise that exceptional circumstances may occur in rare instances causing your child to miss training – in such instances, please write in to us at info@frmsingapore.com

Please note that the Technification School’s has sole discretion on providing make up sessions and its decision is final. For the avoidance of doubt, make up sessions cannot be rolled over to the next term to avoid creating backlogs. Please note that any absence from training needs to be communicated to us. We reserve the right to turn away or levy additional training fees on any player who turns up for training that he/she is not scheduled to attend.


We will offer three make up alternatives for each justified missed session for you to choose from. You will need to choose the most convenient for you and let us know. 

Limitations of make up session arrangements

Please note that our offer of make up sessions is part of our additional service extended to you on a goodwill basis and is subject to our best efforts in making arrangements for your child, having already made the necessary reservations for your child at our weekly training sessions.

For your added convenience, we have been expanding our weekly training schedule to provide multiple training sessions for each age group, so as to ensure sessions missed can be made up for within the same term. However, we cannot ultimately bear the burden for changes in your child’s school or personal commitments which result in your child missing a scheduled training session.

We expend considerable resources in assembling the coaching team for your child every week as part of our quality commitment to you and your child. As we want your child to receive all the training that he/she is entitled to in each term, we seek your understanding and cooperation in arranging for your child to be able to attend his/her make up sessions.

5 - Special provision for long absences

If you anticipate that your child will miss a substantial part of the upcoming period’s sessions for any reason whatsoever and you are thus concerned about the implication of our entire period pricing and make up policies, we will be able to offer you a long absence enrollment for the period once per calendar year.


6 - Application of these Business Terms and Conditions

These Business Terms and Conditions, as well as all other policies or procedures that may be expressly or deemed to be incorporated to or becoming subject to these Business Terms and Conditions, shall apply to all customers of the Technical Academy and be enforced with effect from 10 November 2014. The aforementioned terms and conditions, policies and procedures shall be subject to any amendments to the same that can be made from time to time and published on www.frmsingapore.com at our sole discretion (indicating the date of the latest revision).

In the event that the modifications materially alter your rights or obligations in any of the aforementioned terms and conditions, policies and procedures, we will make reasonable efforts to notify you of the change.