Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

The Real Madrid Foundation difference

Firstly, our programme is led by a technical team comprising Technical Directors handpicked by the Real Madrid Foundation. Our Technical Directors are experienced, professional and highly-qualified (each holding at least one university degree on top of their coaching qualifications), and they are the best youth coaches you will find in Singapore. To ensure consistency of quality, there will always be at least one Technical Director at each training session to manage proceedings.

Secondly, we take the approach that football is not just a game, but a vehicle through which we can teach our young important sporting and life values and help with their character and individual development. While our players receive the best football training they can receive in Singapore through us, we want to also use this time to teach them various life lessons through experiential learning. We want our players to not only play well on the field, but off it as well.

Thirdly, being so closely linked to the Real Madrid Foundation organisation makes it possible for us to bring our players rare opportunities from time to time, such as the opportunity to visit and train at our training base in Madrid, the Real Madrid Sports City.

Our coaches keep a close track of all their players at every training session and their various attributes, including footballing skills and technique, interpersonal skills and character traits, are noted. These observations are reported to you through progress reports that are prepared personally by the coaches twice a year (around the end of Terms 2 and 4).

Nevertheless, our coaches are always available to provide you with feedback as and when you like, so please feel free to speak to them after training or arrange for a mutually convenient time and they will be glad to share their observations with you.


No prior experience is required! We welcome all who wish to join the Real Madrid family in Singapore and we do not turn anybody away because of lack of experience or skill. It does not matter which team you support as well - we are open for anybody who loves the sport and wishes to train with the greatest club in world football history.

As we have a variety of training sessions and training groups, there will be a group that is suited to your child’s age and experience/skill level. Just come for a free trial and we will be able to advise you and your child better on which training groups are suitable for you!

Of course! We welcome boys and girls alike to join us at our training sessions. We already have female players who are currently training with boys of their age. While our training sessions are currently co-ed, we are looking at opening girls-only training sessions when the conditions are right.

To ensure a seamless training experience, our professional coaches always arrive around 30 minutes before the start of each training session to set up the pitch.

While they are setting up to be ready to start training on the dot, we encourage your child to arrive at least 10 minutes and ready for training so that he can mingle with his friends and mates.

As for equipment, your child should be dressed in comfortable football clothing (jersey and shorts), as well as football boots, socks and shinguards. Your child should also have a full bottle of water to be kept pitchside for water breaks.

In our school we organize our training sessions/ periods using the European concept of “Season” instead of the natural year.

We only stop our training sessions for two weeks during the Christmas Break.

Public Holidays and/or other periods there will be training sessions as usual!

This season (2017/2018), the December break will go from December 18th to January 5th.

Then, depending on your program (Team training or Technical Training) the periods will be as follows:

  • Team Training: Full Season program, from August 14th to June 15th (*excluding the Christmas break period)
  • Technical training: This program includes two Semesters & Summer Term.
    • Semester 1: From August 14th to December 17th
    • Semester 2: From January 6th to June 15th
    • Summer Term: From June 16th to August 12th

* We will offer different discounts for the Technical training if you sign up for two or more periods in advance!

For the sake of your child’s development and to ensure that your child’s progress is in step with that of his/her teammates, your child should attend every weekly training session that has been arranged for your child in each term.

Great! Our Technical Directors believe that training multiple times a week will accelerate each player’s recommendation/development, so if you are interested, let us know what your child’s weekly schedule is and we will recommend you the additional sessions that you take part in.

To ensure that your child will enjoy training at the new session, he/she can have a free trial at the recommended session and you can make the decision thereafter.

By the way, we are currently offering 25% and 45% discounts for each player’s second and third training sessions respectively. Be sure not to miss this opportunity for your child to train more while you save more!

We are unable to accommodate such an approach for our kids/youth training sessions because our coaches need to know which players will be attending each training session ahead of time so that they can reliably plan each session accordingly.

We also need to ensure that every player is guaranteed a space at their selected training session each week and that training sessions do not become overcrowded. Allowing such an arrangement will negatively impact our players and parents who are committed to learning and growing with us.

As we place significant importance in the cultivating of each player’s social skills and character, this practice also ensures that we can allow each players to build and foster relationships with their teammates through regular interaction for their individual and collective benefit.

This would not be possible. Unless it is for a make up session (please see below), your child should attend training at the appointed training session that we have reserved a space for him/her. As a football academy, our commitment to your child is the same commitment we give to every child under our watch. This means that there are fixed spaces allotted for each player every week and these should be adhered to as a rule.

Given the nature of football as a team sport and our organisation of training in small groups, our coaches need to have as much certainty as possible regarding the composition of each group they are training so that they can plan accordingly to ensure maximum quality for each group. Therefore, players should stick to their appointed training schedules unless they have requested for a make up session.

For the sake of your child’s development and to ensure that your child’s progress is in step with that of his/her teammates, your child should attend every weekly training session that has been arranged for your child in each term.

In the event that your child misses training, we can arrange for a make up training session within the same term if your child’s absence is due to the following reason(s) only:

(a) medical reasons – an applicable doctor’s note or medical certificate will need to be furnished to us at as soon as it is available;

(b) bad weather – if at least a substantial part of the training session that your child is scheduled to attend is cancelled by the Technical Academy at its sole discretion because of bad weather (lightning risk or severe haze);

(c) overseas travel – provided that the Technical Academy is notified in writing at at least one (1) month prior to such overseas travel (to allow for more time to plan for make up sessions); or

(d) other reasons – provided that the Technical Academy is notified in writing at at least two (2) weeks prior to such school activity, and that the total number of weekly sessions missed by your child (save as a result of bad weather) is no more than 25% of the sessions in the current term;

Nevertheless, we do recognise that exceptional circumstances may occur in rare instances causing your child to miss training – in such instances, please write in to us at However, we seek your understanding that in the case you request for make up sessions based on paragraphs 4(c) and 4(d) above that exceed 25% of the sessions in a term, the Technical Academy may not be able to fulfill your request completely.

Please note that the Technical Academy has sole discretion on providing make up sessions and its decision is final.

For the avoidance of doubt, make up sessions cannot be rolled over to the next term to avoid creating backlogs.

Please note that any absence from training needs to be communicated to us. We reserve the right to turn away or levy additional training fees on any player who turns up for training that he/she is not scheduled to attend.

Please note that our offer of make up sessions is part of our additional service extended to you on a goodwill basis and is subject to our best efforts in making arrangements for your child within the same term, having already made the necessary reservations for your child at our weekly training sessions.

For your added convenience, we have been expanding our weekly training schedule to provide multiple training sessions for each age group, so as to ensure sessions missed can be made up for within the same term. However, we cannot ultimately bear the burden for changes in your child’s school or personal commitments which result in your child missing a scheduled training session.

We expend considerable resources in assembling the coaching team that is there for your child every week as part of our quality commitment to you and your child. As we want your child to receive all the training that he/she is entitled to in each term, we seek your understanding and cooperation in arranging for your child to be able to attend his/her make up sessions.

We believe that receiving match experience significantly aids a child’s football and character education and, as such, we do provide various opportunities for our players to take part in competitive and friendly matches that are deemed by our Technical Directors to be suitable for their abilities and development.

Our Technical Directors are constantly on the lookout for opportunities for our players to gain suitable match experience against local and international teams.

Click on the following link to learn more about the match experience opportunities available at the Technical Academy:


As the presence of family members on the pitch has a tendency to distract players and consequently affect training for the player, his teammates and the coach, we seek family members’ understanding to refrain from entering the pitch while training is in session, to ensure that our coaches and players can remain focused on training.


As we offer training programmes that are organised on a termly basis, training fees are payable in respect of the entire term.

In addition, a registration fee of S$100 is payable for each newly-registered player. This registration fee will cover the cost of personal accident insurance coverage of each player at our training sessions, as well as one (1) set of Real Madrid Foundation training jersey.

For the avoidance of doubt, please note that, save for the first term fees of a new player who joins the Technical Academy after the start of an ongoing term, we will not be able to accommodate pro-ration of training fees on account of insufficient attendance in the upcoming term.

As we expend considerable resources in assembling the coaching team that is there for your child every week as part of our quality commitment to you and your child, we seek your understanding on this.

If you anticipate that your child will miss 50% or more of the upcoming term’s sessions for any reason whatsoever and you are thus concerned about the implication of our entire term pricing and make up policies, we will be able to offer you a 50% enrollment for the term once per calendar year.

Example: If your child will miss 50% of more of Term 3 2015 because of summer vacations, you simply need to let us know which are the training sessions that your child can attend in Term 3 and pay for 50% of Term 3 fees rather than the full term’s fees. Your child will be able to attend these specified training sessions that he can attend in Term 3 and resume regular training in Term 4 2015.

We have devised this arrangement to allow your child to continue to enjoy training with us while he/she is available during the upcoming term, while ensuring that your child does not lose his/her spot for the subsequent term (especially for the more sought-after time slots). We hope this helps!

The following offer(s) are currently available for our kids and youth training programme:

Accelerate your child's development by increasing his/her training frequency with us and get 25% and 45% off regular rates respectively when you sign up for a second and third additional session. Train more, save more!

Training fees will be billed to you as they fall due via an invoice delivered via email to the email address provided by you on your child’s registration form. Please settle the bill in full no later than the due date stated on the invoice.

As our invoices are delivered by our online accounting system, please ensure that you have the following email in your address book so that you will receive our invoices on time:

Please note that, save in the case of accidental overpayment, we will not entertain any requests for refunds.

As part of our updated financial control policy and in order to allow our staff to serve all customers better, we have eliminated cash payments. As such, payment is online and by Credit/Debit Card only. 

Please refer to your invoice for further details on how to make payment by the above methods. Receipts for payments will be issued upon request via email through our online accounting system.

We seek your cooperation with regard to timely settlement of your invoices, as the Technical Academy team has to expend considerable time in following up with late payments each term.

In the event that payment is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to levy a late payment administrative fee of $15.

In addition, we reserve the right to suspend the affected player from participating in training pending full payment of fees.

Please note that, save in the case of accidental overpayment or in such other circumstance that we expressly provide a refund for, we will not entertain any requests for refunds.


Coping with the weather is part and parcel of an outdoor game like football. In the event that it is raining at the training pitch if there is no lightning risk, we will proceed with training as per normal, provided that the rain is not so heavy as to impede training.

Our main concern is with lightning risk. We take guidance from both information provided by the National Environment Agency (NEA) as well as weather observations at the site itself.

For both rain and lightning conditions, our experienced Technical Directors will make the call based on the above, with our players’ safety as priority but also having regard to ensuring a realistic footballing experience.

For haze conditions, we take guidance from the PSI readings published by the NEA, in particular the PSI for Singapore and the West and Central regions of Singapore (as the case may be) updated hourly and provided on or the NEA’s myENV app.

As there is no specific and explicit national standard prescribing what actions should be taken at different levels of haze, different organisations have different approaches regarding what to do at various haze levels. This is, for example, the case with the various international schools in Singapore, and is a result of subjective interpretation of the general advisories provided by the NEA. 

As such, having referred to NEA advisories and the various practices of international schools in Singapore, we will take the following decisions based on the latest available PSI readings before the start of training:

< 100: Training will proceed as usual.

100 – 120: Training will proceed with caution. Coaches will inform the players of the haze conditions and monitor effect of haze on players’ training condition. Frequency of water breaks will increase.

> 120: Training will be cancelled.

NOTE: We acknowledge the subjectivity behind the abovementioned decisions regarding the different levels of haze. As such, should we proceed with training while PSI is between 100 and 120, any player who is uncomfortable with participating at such training session has the right to give this training session a miss and request for a make up session instead.

Our coaches’ experience in Singapore has been that, as weather conditions can change very quickly, it is often impossible to determine whether conditions are suitable for training until just before the start of each training session. Therefore, we seek your understanding that our coaches will make only be able an on-pitch assessment whether training can proceed, even if weather conditions prior to the start of training may seem unpromising.

If the weather turns bad during a training session to the extent that training has to be discontinued, we will offer all players affected with a make up session if such weather change takes place before 60 minutes of training have elapsed.

Please also note that, even if weather conditions prior to the start of a training session may seem unpromising where you are located/residing, this does not necessarily mean that the weather conditions at the training pitch are the same.

Please continue to bring your child to the training session as our coaches will also be heading to the training session - if the training session proceeds and your child does not attend, there will be no make up session offered for such missed session.

In case of emergency (serious accident or injury), we will first call the emergency hotline to request for an ambulance to transfer the injured player to the nearest hospital (as is determined by the paramedics). We will then next call the primary contact of the injured player (usually the parent who fills in the registration form), failing which we will call the emergency contact stated in the registration form. A member of the Technical Academy will stay with the injured player until the arrival of the player’s primary/emergency contact.

If it is not an emergency, we will call the primary contact of the injured player, failing which the emergency contact, to inform such contact of the incident and to discuss the next course of action.

In light of the above, please ensure that the contact information that you provide to us is accurate.

We take your privacy very seriously. The Technical Academy has a Privacy Policy in place that outlines our practices regarding handling personal information that you may provide to us.

The Privacy Policy is subject to our Business Terms and Condtiions. Please refer to our website for the Privacy Policy in full. By participating in any of our training activities, you expressly consent to the information handling practices described in our Privacy Policy.

Please note that this policy does not apply to the practices of third parties that the Technical Academy does not own or control.


Fantastic! Simply fill in our Online Registration Form and our friendly staff will be in touch shortly to arrange your free trial.

Please note that you need to notify us in advance if you are interested in bringing your child down for a trial, just in case the training group you are interested in is full or otherwise unavailable.


Should you have any further queries, do drop us an email at